Future of Silicon Valley Graduate Scholarship

To provide up to 35 scholarships of $10,000 each. For current SJSU Engineering undergraduates who intend to continue their studies to a Masters of Sciences in Engineering. It will also benefit Engineering alumni returning to pursue Graduate studies in Engineering.

Engineering Graduate Studies and Research
Supplemental Questions
  1. Did you receive your undergraduate degree from SJSU? If so, which semester and year?
    • Did you receive your undergraduate degree from SJSU?
    • If you did receive your undergraduate degree from SJSU, please indicate the semester and year. If you did not, please write N/A.
  2. Describe your notable accomplishments since starting your bachelor's degree. Also, describe your career aspirations such as degrees you want to pursue beyond your master’s degree, your entrepreneurial goals, and research interests, and how your chosen graduate degree at SJSU will help you towards your career goals. (400 word maximum)
  3. List the name and email address of a faculty that could potentially be contacted as a reference. Do not ask them to write letters on your behalf at this time. Instead, ask them for permission to list their name on this form before submitting it. The Scholarship Review Committee will contact the suggested faculty for a reference if you are a finalist. The person you select should be someone who knows you and can speak about your abilities and strengths.