College of Social Sciences Scholarships

Each year, the College of Social Sciences offers scholarships to students majoring in one of the College’s Departments. These College scholarships represent the generosity of many friends and alumni. They honor former deans and students in the College of Social Sciences. You will be considered for each of the scholarships listed below after completing this single application. A student may only be awarded a single scholarship. The College scholarships are awarded in spring semester for the following academic year, so awardees must be matriculated at SJSU during the following fall term to be eligible.

  • *Gerald Wheeler Scholarship: Dr. Gerald Wheeler is remembered as a superb and versatile teacher and an excellent scholar. In his tenure at SJSU, Dr. Wheeler served as Chair of the History Department, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies, Dean of the College of Social Sciences, and Assistant Academic Vice President. The Gerald E. Wheeler scholarship was established by family and friends. This scholarship is based on academic excellence and demonstrated financial need.
  • *Charles Burdick Scholarships: Dr. Charles Burdick was an internationally-known military history scholar, former Chair of the History Department and the College of Social Sciences. He earned SJSU’s two highest awards for faculty—President’s Scholar and Outstanding Professor—and he twice received CSU’s system-wide Outstanding Professor Award. This scholarship is based on academic excellence and demonstrated financial need, in that order.
  • *Inez and Donald Burdick Scholarships: The Inez and Donald Burdick Scholarships were established by Charles Burdick in honor of his parents. Offered every year by the College of Social Sciences, this scholarship is based on financial need and academic accomplishments, in that order.

College of Social Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Which SJSU professor has been most influential to you? Briefly explain why. (40 word max)
  2. List the name and email address of a faculty that could potentially be contacted as a reference. Do not ask them to write letters on your behalf at this time. Instead, ask them for permission to list their name on this form before submitting it. The Scholarship Review Committee will contact the suggested faculty for a reference if you are a finalist. The person you select should be someone who knows you and can speak about your abilities and strengths.