Howard H. Gerrish Memorial Endowment

Opportunity name: Howard H. Gerrish Memorial Endowment
Minimum qualifications: Applicants need to be Technology Majors and need to obtain a recommendation letter from a Technology Department Faculty member.
College and Department: Aviation and Technology
Number of awards and award amount: 1 award, amount varies
Application dates: January – April 1
Major: Technology Majors
Class level: All students
Enrollment requirement: Half-time students (6 units or more per semester).
Financial need: None
GPA requirement: None

Preference given to:

  1. Higher GPAs
  2. Highest reviewer scores*
  3. Established financial need
  4. Participation in extracurricular activities
  5. Participation in department outreach
*Applications are reviewed by a committee and scored based on answers provided by the applicant. Each answer is also reviewed for:
  • relevance to the question
  • spelling, grammar, and college level writing
  • creativity

Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe your involvement with organizations and/or external activities in which you participated (include department activities such as Open Houses and outreach), and served on leadership roles
  2. Describe how you became interested in the field of your major. What are your goals and aspirations for your future career?
  3. How are your studies financed? What effect will receipt of this scholarship have on these efforts?
  4. Provide ONE confidential letter of recommendation from a Technology department faculty member. Enter the name and email of your reference AFTER asking that person if they would like to be a reference for you. The system will email your reference and provide the opportunity for them to submit a letter of recommendation electronically. You will not be able to view this document. You can verify the status of your requested references by clicking "References" on your home page.