Petty Family Scholarship Endowment

Opportunity name: Petty Family Scholarship
Minimum qualifications: To provide for students majoring in Aviation, with a demonstrated financial need. The amount awarded shall not exceed one-half of the year’s tuition and other related university fees, in any given year. A student may receive this scholarship for a maximum of 5 years as long as the student continues to meet the scholarship criteria and financial need.
Number of awards and award amount: varies
Application dates: January 24th – April 7th
Major: Aviation Majors
Class level: All students
Enrollment requirement: At least half time ( 6 or more units per semester)
Financial need: Yes
GPA requirement: 2.0 or higher

Preference given to:

  1. Higher GPAs
  2. Highest reviewer scores*
  3. Established financial need
  4. Participation in extracurricular activities
  5. Participation in department outreach
*Applications are reviewed by a committee and scored based on answers provided by the applicant. Each answer is also reviewed for:
  • relevance to the question
  • spelling, grammar, and college level writing
  • creativity

Aviation and Technology
Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe what makes you stand out as an aviation student. In particular, address your extra-curricular activities within the Aviation program, such as participation in clubs and aviation outreach activities with the department.