Elizabeth Auger Annual Scholarship for Students with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes

During her long track record serving patients in Salt Lake City, podiatrist Elizabeth E. Auger, DPM has seen the challenges that diabetics face in managing their conditions while maintaining optimal health. Dr. Auger has worked closely with diabetic patients to keep their feet and legs as strong and healthy as possible and to minimize risks of complications associated with diabetes. Many diabetic patients are eager to learn, passionate about maintaining health, and excited about opportunities that allow them to get quality care.

Diabetes presents unique challenges throughout a patient’s life, and encourages patients to develop strength and resilience. These skills suit patients well as they move through their academic careers and develop professional identities. But, like most people who want to further their educations, diabetes too struggle with the high costs associated with continued schooling after completing post-secondary education.

To honor the efforts of diabetes patients everywhere, and to assist diabetic students in achieving their academic and professional aspirations, Dr. Auger has created the Elizabeth Auger Annual Scholarship for Students with Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Students who are interested in competing for the scholarship will need to submit an essay in response to the following questions:

-Reflect on the quality of your diabetes care and your efforts to manage your diabetes. What do you believe are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of the care you have received? How have your strategies to manage your blood sugar evolved and changed over time?
-Where do you see yourself in five years? Please detail how the scholarship will help you to achieve your academic and professional goals.