NBCC Foundation Rural Scholarship 2020

Eligibility Requirements

- Must be enrolled in a CACREP-accredited counseling master’s program.
- Must reside in a rural area as defined by the Health Resources and Services Administration.
- Must be recently enrolled full time for the fall 2020 semester and be in good standing in a CACREP-accredited counseling masters-level program.
- Must have taken courses for the spring 2020 semester.
- Students are expected to graduate by December 31, 2023 (in three years of the date of the scholarship funding).
- Eligible applicants must not have an anticipated program completion date before May 1, 2021, which will be verified in writing by their academic department before the awarding of funds.
- Must commit to becoming board certified by applying for the National Certified Counselor certification before graduation and to completing the application process.
- Must commit to providing mental health services in a rural area within one year of graduation and for the duration of a minimum of at least two years post-graduation.