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Instead of searching for specific scholarship opportunities, we suggest you do the following:
STEP 1: Complete and SUBMIT the General Application. * The deadlines operate on a rolling basis, with a final cutoff date set for May 15. You can edit or update your application up until 11:59pm on the stated scholarship deadlines.*
STEP 2: After submitting the General Application, you will be presented with a list of “Other Recommended Opportunities.” These scholarships may require additional information that is not included on the General Application. You are encouraged to click on each scholarship name to review the criteria. We encourage you to apply for all scholarships where you meet the additional requirements. (You will be automatically matched to most scholarship opportunities in the database after you submit your General Application.)
STEP 3: Continue to monitor the available scholarship applications by logging in frequently **You will only have access to recommended scholarship opportunities after submitting the General Application.

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