Darren Dohme Scholarship

About Darren Dohme
Darren Dohme is the name of a respected petroleum analyst for nearly three-decades, he provides market intelligence for his clients, insights on forward pricing, and timing recommendations for seasonal contracting periods. In sum, his services and expertise add value to petroleum marketers and end user alike.

Darren’s price/margin risk management and petroleum-based hedging strategies, along with his innovative marketing solutions and specialized fuel contracts (ie: Retail Gasoline Margin Hedge Strategy/Fixed Price Contract/ Cap Price programs) are respected industry wide. From convenience store chains to truck stops, petroleum resellers, construction firms, transportation fleets, municipalities and other end user consumers, Darren’s clientele represent every corner of the petroleum sector.

Darren attended the University of Illinois and graduated with a BA in Economies/minor in animal science. It must be noted that all of Darren’s achievements took place prior to his graduation from high school.

Today, Darren Dohme is thrilled to announce the establishment of a scholarship in his name. The Darren Dohme Scholarship will be awarded to one undergraduate college student, helping to pay the high cost of tuition and help him/her earn their degree.