Gregg E. Olson Scholarship Endowment for Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Water Resource Management

Graduate students in Civil and Environmental Engineering department with a 3.0 entering their last full year as a Graduate student. Must have specialization in Environmental Engineering or Water Resource Engineering.

Applicants must be enrolled as a graduate student at San Jose State University during the academic year in which they will receive the award. In the case that there are no qualified applicants in their final year of study, the application will be made available to any student who meets all other listed eligibility criteria and who has completed a minimum of 12 units of degree requirements.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select your area(s) of interest.
    • Area(s) of interest within CEE
    • If you selected 'other,' please write in your area of interest. If you did not select 'other,' please write NONE.
  2. The Gregg E. Olson scholarship is for Civil Engineering Graduate students who are specializing in Environmental Engineering or Water Resource Engineering and entering their last year of Graduate school.
    • Are you a Civil Engineering Graduate student who is specializing in Environmental or Water Resource Engineering?
    • Please indicate your anticipated final semester as a Graduate student. (For example, Spring 2023)
  3. Please provide a brief statement explaining how a civil engineering degree will help you achieve your goals. Provide examples which show your service to the civil engineering department or the civil engineering field, leadership qualities, work ethic, and interest in engineering.