Fred M. Young Sr. Engineering Scholarship

The Young Radiator Co. established this scholarship in memory of the company’s founder, Fred M. Young Sr. who started the company in 1927 and saw it grow to become a major force in the field of heat transfer. He had a high regard for the value of engineering in terms of its contribution to the success of society and the future engineering workforce, which is supported through this scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

U.S. Resident
Incoming Freshman
Minimum unweighted 3.75 grade point average
Pursue an engineering or related science degree through a U.S. ABET accredited program with an interest in mobility (Automotive, Ground or Air)
Provide two (2) Letters of Recommendation – one (1) that focuses on academics and one (1) that speaks to your involvement in extra-curricular activities or employment
Serve in a leadership role inside or outside of school and be able to outline how your leadership skills were developed, the size of the team(s) led and how your personal leadership skills will benefit you in your future career.
Must be able to detail how 2 traits of an engineer (from listed provided) apply to them.