Civil and Environmental Engineering Scholarships for Upper Division Students

Each year, the Civil and Environmental Department offers scholarships to upper division students majoring in the CEE Department. You will be considered for each of the scholarships listed below after completing this single application. A student may only be awarded a single scholarship. The CEE scholarships are awarded in spring semester for the following academic year, so awardees must be matriculated at SJSU during the following fall term to be eligible.

  • Beavers Heavy Construction Engineering Scholarship: Full time, upper division Civil Engineering student in good standing. Student must be U.S. citizens and have an interest in the area of construction as evidenced by course work and/or practical experience. All other factors being equal, selection of the recipient will be based on financial need.
  • Brandon Whitehurst Memorial Scholarship: Matriculated upper division Civil Engineering Students in good academic standing at the time of receipt of the award. Academic merit and GPA considered but not a determining factor. General interest in Civil Engineering and transportation concentrations are required.
  • California Water Service Company Scholarship: Upper division Civil and Environmental Engineering students in good academic standing who are interested in water resources.
  • Charles W. Davidson Scholarship Endowment: For 2-4 students majoring in Civil Engineering who have completed their first 2 years of study and are in good academic standing with financial need. A junior who received the scholarship may reapply in their senior year, assuming they still meet the requirements.
  • Daniel J. Caputo and Minnie J. Caputo Civil Engineering Endowment Scholarship: Full-time upper division Civil Engineering student in good academic standing who is a US Citizen. Excellent Leadership qualities, excellent work ethic, and a strong interest in applied engineering are required. Academic merit and GPA will be considered but are not determining factors. Financial need will only be considered if all other factors are equal.
  • John “Jay” Brown Scholarship (Endowment): Upper division Civil Engineering student in good academic standing.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please select your area(s) of interest.
    • Area(s) of interest within CEE
    • If you selected 'other,' please write in your area of interest. If you did not select 'other,' please write NONE.
  2. Please provide a brief statement explaining how a civil engineering degree will help you achieve your goals. Provide examples which show your service to the civil engineering department or the civil engineering field, leadership qualities, work ethic, and interest in engineering.