Annual iSeeCars Future Entrepreneurs Scholarship will award $1,000 to a college student who has a demonstrated interest in entrepreneurship or has plans to become an entrepreneur. The scholarship will be awarded based on the application materials submitted by students. is an automotive search engine that uses big data to score and rank millions of used cars and thousands of dealers, offering shoppers a smart and simple way to find a great car at a great price. It was founded by two entrepreneurs who were frustrated by the online car shopping process and decided to turn car shopping on its head. has been featured extensively in leading media, including Time, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, Consumer Reports, Forbes, Fortune, “TODAY” show, USA TODAY, ABC, CBS and NBC.

Application Materials

  1. Completed scholarship application
  2. 500-600 WORD ESSAY: Describe your passion for entrepreneurship and any future plans, including your volunteer work, hobbies, and professional or academic involvement. Include any relevant links at the end of the essay.
  3. College transcript