Growthink’s Annual $1,000 Student Business Plan Scholarship

We created the Growthink business plan scholarship to help foster the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners. To encourage more students to start businesses, the Growthink scholarship aims to help one student advance their studies with a $1,000 grant. If you want to be a great entrepreneur, we want to help make your dream a reality.

How the $1,000 Business Plan Scholarship Works:
-Both current students and rising freshmen are eligible for Growthink’s scholarship.
-The student will be chosen based on the quality of their business plan they submit to us.
-The business plan must clearly articulate the business concept and why you think it will be successful.
-Feel free to use our business plan template to help you create your plan.
-To apply, complete the application form below.
-The business plan submitted will remain the student’s property. Growthink will only review the plan for this scholarship and will not use it for any other purposes.
-The student wholly reserves the right to submit and/or publish their business plan elsewhere.
-The scholarship will be awarded to one student and the money will be transferred to their college/university to go towards the tuition fee.