The Villarreal Law Firm Scholarship

The scholarship program is open to any High School Senior who plans to attend college, to any college student (freshman, sophomore, or junior) who is currently enrolled in college, or to any first-year law school student. Students from anywhere in the United States who have a passion for the law are encouraged to apply. Priority is also given to students who express an interest in a legal career, especially those interested in litigation.

Application process. The application is based on a personal essay. Essays must be submitted in WORD format after the initial form below. Essays should be no more than 2000 words and must be original work.

Essay Topic for 2020-2021 School Year Application

How Car Accident Attorneys Fight for Rights

Explanation. Personal injury lawyers – especially those related to car or automobile accidents – can have a complicated reputation among the general public. Personal injury lawyers are often the first line of defense for persons who lack the financial resources to go up against big corporate or institutional interests. In your essay, explain how you see personal injury attorneys fighting for rights, and whether we as a society benefit (or do not) from the adversarial legal system.