Mattress Nerd's Sustainability Scholarship

Mattress Nerd has been paying attention to the many voices of students across the globe who have recently been calling for a change in our living habits and the way we consume and recycle. We are working in an industry where new technology is being developed all of the time to ensure that mattresses will be longer-lasting and produced with more environmental materials, and we want to ensure that our readership understands the options available to them to be mindful with their mattress disposal. Despite the push in awareness regarding needed changes in how we dispose of our waste, we don’t believe there is enough information out there on the different ways of reusing and recycling our products when they are no longer of value to us. We’d love to hear from more students with a dedication to sustainability and conscientious buying so we can build on our own knowledge and be a contributor to offering an insight on how people can live more environmentally friendly. The best essay will be awarded with a $1000 scholarship for their contribution to this important cause.

Essay, Please write a 500-1,000-word essay answering the following questions:
-What choices can we make as consumers to better our carbon footprints?
-What reuse and recycle innovations do you think are leading the change in business environmental conscientiousness?
-What have you altered about your own day-to-day life to reduce your own environmental impact?