The Responsify Empowering Others Scholarship 2020

Our team at Responsify is wonderfully unique. We are a group of people who work with our many strengths to empower people, a value we all share. With qualifications and interests in strategizing, storytelling, designing and writing to name a few, we recognize that working together creatively is when things really take shape. We believe that with the correct tools anyone can reach their aspirations and use their skills to empower others. Every year, Responsify awards a scholarship to those that present an inspiring example of empowerment in their essays. Current students will be tailoring their talents, getting ready to apply them in their lives and in their careers and we’re excited to contribute to this exciting journey with a scholarship. Our scholarship will be awarded to a student who can demonstrate how their major can be used to empower others in a self-reflective essay.

Details and instructions in link provided.