Helping People in Need Scholarship

The team at Andersen, Morse & Linthorst, Attorneys at Law, feels fortunate that we get to spend our workdays helping people who are in need. We do this by protecting and fighting for seriously injured people rights’ by helping them to recover their losses, get their medical bills paid and get their lives back on track. In the awful event someone dies as a result of another party’s negligence, we defend their rights in post mortem by helping their surviving family members to hold the party who harmed their much-loved one, accountable for the negligence that wrongfully caused the death of their loved one.

We believe in our work and do it with compassion, integrity, and dedication. It gives us great satisfaction when justice is served by holding a negligent party accountable for their actions and ensuring that they will provide compensation to those who they have hurt.

We have experienced the importance of helping people in need many times over in both our professional and personal lives. We have come to recognize that people in need, often need to be helped in many different ways. To help support this, we have created the Anderson, Morse & Linthorst, Helping People in Need Scholarship, 2019, for a student who is committed to helping people in need.

We believe in supporting the education of a student who is passionate and dedicated to helping people, and who plans to focus their work and/or life goals on helping people who are in need. We feel that by doing this, we will be supporting the education of a person who has similar goals and ideals to our own. We think that a world with more people who are compassionate and caring towards people in need, is a world to strive towards.

Answer the following questions in an essay of 1,000 words or less:
-What inspired you to want to help people in need?
-In what ways have you already helped people in need?
-How has your desire to help people in need, informed your education goals?
-What kind of career and/or life work are you planning to use your education for, in order to help you achieve your desire to help people in need?