Brown Kiely: Individual and Community Law Advocate Scholarship

Brown Kiely, L.L.P., is a preeminent boutique law firm with many practice areas of expertise. We represent small and large businesses, as well as individuals and families in a variety of disputes. At the end of the day we feel fortunate that we know the law and have been able to make a positive impact on our client’s lives by standing behind them while we uphold the law. By supporting the businesses, individuals and families that make up our community, we know that we are making our community a better place.

We want to support the education of a student who is passionate about the law and using it to fight for the rights of individuals and their communities. We know that there are many avenues that a person can take to fight for the rights of their community and that there are many academic disciplines to do this from.

The Brown Kiely LLP: Individual and Community Law Advocate Scholarship is for students who can demonstrate, their commitment to helping individuals and their communities, and a passion for using the law to do this.


Respond to the following questions in an essay of 1,000 words or less:
-Describe a time that you helped an individual and/or your community with a problem that you saw was the result of injustice.
-What did you do to help to solve or mediate this problem?
-How has this experience informed your education goals and your desire to be able to use the law to fight for what is right?
-How to you plan to continue this or similar fights in the future?