Logo Maker Scholarship

LogoMaker has recognized the role of good visual design by providing small businesses with the resources to create their own logo designs, websites, promotional products, and more. We are committed to helping businesses improve their brand image through the power of design.

We want to provide this same creative nurturing for students, which is why we offer a logo design scholarship program for US students enrolled in undergraduate studies. With this scholarship, we hope to encourage students to think about the importance of art and design in commerce today. In turn, it is our vision that each of our logo design scholars will join us on this ongoing journey to raise awareness for the roles that art and design play in our everyday lives.

At LogoMaker, we’re fans of design – and we’re particularly fond of logo designs. If you think you have a logo design masterpiece in the works, then we want to see it! If we decide that your design is the best of the best, then we will extend to you our annual scholarship.

Details on how to apply in link provided.