All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship

The United States of America has long been a hub for higher education. So much so, that students from all around the world travel to USA for higher studies. The country houses some of the best educational institutions. All of these merged together birth high competition and tougher ride to premium institutions. CarHP has launched the “All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship” scholarship program for American students, where the aspiring student will stand a chance to win $1000 to gain extensive education from colleges inside the US. With CarHP’s “All American $1000 Car Review/Essay Scholarship” scholarship program it’s a short and simple process and less competition. The students simply need to write an essay/review of any car in the US and submit. Please find all the required information below:

Eligibility Criteria for the Scholarship
Any student who has secured a seat in any accredited and recognized American university is eligible for the scholarship. Though preference will be given to candidates who have secured a place one of the Ivy League colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, University of Pensylvania, Columbia University etc.

The candidate should be 18 years or older during admission.
The candidate has to secure admission in any approved undergraduate/ Postgraduate course in any reputed US educational institute.
The candidate should submit a non-plagiarised Review or an Essay of a Car that is on sale in the USA in 2020.
The Review/Essay should between 1200-1500 words.
The Top 10 entries will be featured on the website and the Best Review wins the $1000 Scholarship.

More details in link provided.