Leader In Pain Relief And Injury Recovery Scholarship 2020

Northwest Injury clinic was founded with the belief that everyone deserves to have access to the highest, personal care available. We do this by providing a patient-centered, integrative team of healthcare professionals to people who need help with recovering from chronic pain, as well as pain and problems caused by accidents and injuries. While working with clients to alleviate their pain and injuries, we serve and respect each individual’s unique problems and provide high-quality service, attention, and treatments.

We feel lucky to do the kind of work we do and appreciate the many different ways health care professionals can help people with pain relief and recovering from injuries. We believe that the more committed healthcare professionals people have access to, the better their overall healthcare will be.

For this, we have created the Northwest Injury Clinics’ Leader in Pain Relief and Injury Recovery Scholarship, 2020, for a student who is committed to helping people with pain relief and/or recovering from injuries. We want to support an exemplary student by helping them to pay for their education and thus help them achieve their goals of helping people with pain and/or injuries in the future.

Essay Prompt & Questions:

Respond to the following prompt and questions in an essay of 1,000 words or less:

-Describe a situation or incident that was a pivot point for you to realizing you want to help people with pain and/or recovering from injuries.
-How has your commitment to helping people who are in pain and/or injured, informed your education goals
-What kind of career do you want to have or work do you want to do in order to help people who are in pain and/or suffering from injuries?