The Vigyaa Scholarship

Stories are powerful. At Vigyaa, we deeply believe that. We are an online publishing platform that allows people to create and share stories meant to inspire. The articles on Vigyaa reach a global market, and they encourage that audience to think in new ways. Our scholarship program is designed to create thought-provoking articles for the global audience. We invite you to participate and share an inspiring, creative story of your own.

How to Enter
To enter, students must:

-Create an account on Vigyaa
-Write and post an article on Vigyaa
-The article must follow one of the prompts below. It must also include a title and a minimum of 700 words
-Send an email to, including
-Student’s full name
-Name of undergraduate program they will be attending
-Live link to the published Vigyaa article

There are two deadlines, one in July 1 and one in December 1