Klenk Law Community Leadership Scholarship

At Klenk Law, we believe that strong and community-driven leadership can yield a brighter and more just future. We have served our many communities for years fighting for the rights of their residents, and want to help a student with a similar passion to achieve his or her educational goals.

With that in mind, our law firm is offering a $1000 scholarship to help a student who exemplifies strong community leadership. Their community is not limited to just their hometown or where they live; it can be their town, their school, a club, or any other community they help to improve and build up.

Essay Prompt & Questions

Respond to the following in an essay of 1,000 words or less:
-Describe the situation that influenced or served as a pivot point for your dedication to your community.
-Since this time, what have you done to help pave the way toward as stronger and better community?
-In what ways will your education help you continue to be as strong community leader?

More details in link provided.