Education Scholarships

Eligibility Requirements

Early childhood education (ECE) scholarships can be found nearly anywhere, from your local grocer to international professional associations. You will find teaching scholarships specifically for men, women, minorities, and disabled individuals. The majority of scholarships are for graduating high school seniors or those who have completed their GED and are about to begin their first year of higher learning. It is also possible to find scholarships dedicated to graduate programs, licensure programs, and continuing education. However, there are significantly fewer these scholarships. Some scholarships will be recurring or renewable each year until you graduate as long as you maintain a certain grade point average (GPA); however, other scholarships will be limited to a one-time award. It is a great idea to begin at the local level. Small towns and rural communities will offer a wide variety of scholarships for intended majors, success in extracurricular activities, community involvement, and much more. The same is true of school districts in larger towns and cities; however, the competition is significantly higher in larger areas. You can also look to religious affiliations in your community.