Frontier Label Scholarship

Eligibility Requirements

If you’re an aspiring designer, manufacturer, engineer, artist, architect, or any other type of innovator, this scholarship is intended for you. The application is open to high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students. Due to complexities with international funding, we will only consider submissions from U.S. citizens. Please specify your intended field of study and your current grade or degree level within your application. We also request either proof of college acceptance or a high school transcript at the time of submission. We’d love to know your future goals and why you deserve this scholarship, so we’re asking you to provide a brief biography of no more than 250 words with your application. We will not assess this bio in our submission evaluation, but it will help us better understand your vision.
Your submission will not be considered if it does not include:
● A short bio with your intended field of study and education level
● Proof of education
● Evidence of U.S. citizenship (valid address)
● A 1,000-word essay
● A label design