Dean's Fund for Excellence in the College of Health and Human Sciences - Study Abroad

The Faculty-Led Program is a unique way to introduce students to the idea of the world as an educational resource while giving students who may have never considered it a possibility, the opportunity to study abroad. The College of Health and Human Sciences is committed to helping a broad range of SJSU students overcome the financial barriers to study abroad by offering the Dean’s Fund for Excellence to qualified students in the College of Health and Human Sciences.

Applicants must be part of CHHS and have been accepted to an official SUMMER SJSU CHHS Faculty-Led Program/Summer School Abroad Program administered by International Programs and Services for the upcoming summer.

Students already receiving a scholarship specifically for attending a Faculty-Led Program are NOT eligible to apply for this scholarship.

College of Health and Human Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Have you previously received an FLP scholarship?
  2. What is your department/school?
    • a. Pick one:
    • b. If your department or school is not listed and you selected 'Other', please write it in.
  3. FLP Information
    • Instructor Name
    • Program Country
    • Program End Date
    • Program Start Date
  4. Financial Need
    • Have you submitted a FAFSA or Dream Act for the current academic year?
    • What is your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)?
  5. Provide a well written response that addresses the following four questions.
    • Academic Excellence: Describe your academic background and any special achievements including notable projects, research, awards, or other relevant accomplishments. (250 words max)
    • Community Service: Describe your involvement in campus activities and/or community service. (250 words max)
    • Demonstrated Use of Funds: How are you planning on financing this Faculty-Led Program/Summer School Abroad Program? How will this scholarship help you financially? (250 words max)
    • Educational & Professional Planning: Why did you choose to attend this specific Faculty-Led Program/Summer School Abroad Program? What will participating in this program mean for your academic and/or professional career? Describe in detail how this program fits in with your greater goals. (250 words max)
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