Robert and Maralee Hicks Scholarship

This scholarship is in memory of Maralee J. Hicks (SJSU BA 1956 Philosophy) and Robert A. Hicks, PhD. (SJSU MA 1960 Psychology and Emeritus Faculty member of the Department of Psychology). Eligible candidates will be SJSU Psychology undergraduate or graduate level students whose research is being presented (or has been presented) at an annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association. In considering worthy candidates, preference is encouraged but not required for students whose research involves advancing society’s understanding of motivation.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe your research that will be (or has been) presented at an annual meeting of the Western Psychological Association.
  2. Upload your current Degree Progress Report/MyProgress Report from MYSJSU
  3. List two members of the SJSU Department of Psychology faculty who are willing to serve as references for you. Do not ask them to write letters on your behalf at this time. Instead, ask them for permission to list their names on this form before submitting it. The Scholarship Review Committee will contact the suggested faculty for references if you are a finalist.
    • Faculty 1 Name
    • Faculty 2 Name
  4. Have you applied for Graduation (YES/NO)? If so, what is your anticipated graduation date? (term/year)