Loy S. Braley Scholarship

This award has been established in memory of Dr. Loy S. Braley. Loy was a Psychology Professor at SJSU for approximately 30 years with a primary focus in personality theory and cognition. Loy was known for stimulating lectures and high expectations for his students. He was also well known for the support he gave his students, both in his classroom and in his office. A knock on his office door was greeted with his wonderful smile and a commitment to student-centered learning. This annual scholarship will be awarded to an undergraduate entering their last year at SJSU or a graduate student. The student must be a first generation college student, or have a disability of any type, or have financial need such that the student may not be able to complete their studies without the scholarship.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you a first-generation college student or a student with a documented disability?
  2. Provide a clear personal statement that describes how you have succeeded as a first generation college student or how you have succeeded in the face of disability.
  3. Upload your current Degree Progress Report/MyProgress Report from MYSJSU
  4. List two members of the SJSU Department of Psychology faculty who are willing to serve as references for you. Do not ask them to write letters on your behalf at this time. Instead, ask them for permission to list their names on this form before submitting it. The Scholarship Review Committee will contact the suggested faculty for references if you are a finalist.
    • Faculty 1 Name
    • Faculty 2 Name
  5. Have you applied for Graduation (YES/NO)? If so, what is your anticipated graduation date? (term/year)