Biological Sciences Department Fellowship

The Scholarship Committee of the Department of Biological Sciences is accepting applications for research fellowships intended to assist biology students working toward the M.S. degree, or an MBT or M.A. student conducting a significant independent research project in a Biology Department lab. The awards are to be used for supplies, equipment, travel to study sites, or any other reasonable direct expense incurred during the recipient’s thesis research. Requests to support travel to scientific meetings will be considered, but will generally be given lower priority. Use of the award for salary, tuition or reimbursement of previous expenditures is prohibited.

$500 to $1500
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please review this list of available Biological Sciences Fellowships and select the name(s) of the fellowship(s) for which you are applying:
  2. Provide your Biology major GPA
  3. Please upload your current SJSU unofficial transcript.
  4. Please upload the sections of your proposal.
    • Please upload a 1 page itemized budget and project timeline. (1 page limit)
    • Please upload a list of references cited in your research proposal. Please provide full citations; there is no space limit.
    • Please upload a statement outlining the financial need for the project, including the amount and source(s) of additional grant, scholarship, or fellowship monies to be used in this research. (1 page limit)
    • Please upload your 2-page research problem description, including an introduction, hypothesis, and methodology. (2 page limit)
  5. Please list any service to the Biology Department or university that you have provided.