David A. Brown Fellowship in Mechatronics

Minimum Requirements:
- Junior, Senior or Graduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering enrolled in at least 9 units
- Must be in good academic standing and demonstrate excellent leadership qualities, strong work ethic and active interest in Mechatronic Systems Engineering.

Preference given to:
- All other factors being equal, selection will be based on financial need.

A recipient may compete for scholarship for more than 1 year, but not to exceed 3 years as long as student maintains eligibility requirements. It is anticipated that 1 award will be made each year.

Mechanical Engineering
Supplemental Questions
  1. This scholarship is for Mechanical Engineering students with an active interest in Mechatronics Systems Engineering.
    • Have you taken ME 106 (Fundamentals of Mechatronics Engineering) or ME 285 (Mechatronic Systems Engineering)?
    • If you are currently taking ME 106 or ME 285, provide the course and semester information only.
    • If you did not take ME 106 or ME 285 at SJSU, but took an equivalent course elsewhere, provide the title of the course, the name of institution, the semester, and the grade received.;
    • If you have taken ME 106 or ME 285, provide the course, semester, and the grade information.
  2. Describe your short and long term goals and how they relate to your interest in mechatronics. Also include any leadership experience you have in the field of Engineering or your community.